Karp Foot Care: Happy Feet For Vancouver Seniors

You take actions everyday to help you enjoy your golden years. Eating well, exercising, and spending time with family and friends come immediately to mind. But if your feet are stiff, sore, cramped, cracked, or poorly maintained, you could struggle … Read More

Warm Weather ‘Home’ Care

Did you know: many ‘home’ care services take place outside? This is especially true in spring and summer! Help with shopping or attending appointments are the most obvious and least seasonal. But when it’s warm out, some use our services … Read More

Senior Health: Overcoming Physical Challenges

Guest Post by Jennifer Hardy If there is one reality that is difficult to accept as we grow older, it is the inevitable slow breaking down of our physical bodies. We can fight against the tide, but eventually we will find … Read More

A Note on Mobility: Use It or Lose It

We gain wisdom as we age, but we also lose muscle mass and bone density. Luckily, leisure walking and gentle leg exercise can help keep our golden years mobile. Your body responds naturally to fulfill its daily demands. But as … Read More

Vancouver Seniors’ Best Choice is Karp Home Care

Serving Vancouver and B.C.’s entire Lower Mainland, Karp Home Care offers healthcare services and joyful companionship with a local touch. Our qualified, compassionate caregivers can enhance your daily life with customized, one-to-one attention. They are passionate about addressing all of your … Read More

Karp Homecare in Vancouver / GVA

At Karp Homecare, we provide high-quality nursing, companionship, and other in-home care services. If you need personal care, 24-hour support, dementia care, active rehabilitation, foot care, occupational therapy, transportation, housekeeping, companionship, and more in Vancouver… we can help. More Vancouver services info: Click … Read More