Warm Weather ‘Home’ Care

Warm Weather Outdoor Home CareDid you know: many ‘home’ care services take place outside? This is especially true in spring and summer!

Help with shopping or attending appointments are the most obvious and least seasonal. But when it’s warm out, some use our services a bit more creatively!

Here are a few examples of outdoor ‘home’ care:

1) Getting Out There: Many senior or injured individuals spend most of their time indoors. Too often, this leads to feeling cut off from nature. If you need a little help getting outside, consider scheduling an excursion with a trained Karp care aid. You can go walking in a nearby park or visit your favourite lower mainland beach, harbor, lake, look-out, or trail.

2) Staying Involved: Perhaps you were once very active in your community and now miss that part of life. A Karp care aid can help by accompanying you to any meeting or event. Of course, warm, outdoor gatherings can be the most enjoyable! You can’t lead the pack, or PAC, forever, but you can still spend time with groups you support and lend a helping hand.

3) Taking Vacations: Is your family vacationing to another city or country this year? Is there a trip you’ve always wanted to take or re-take? You’d probably like to go, but are understandably concerned about leaving your personal support behind. So why not take a care aid along? That way, you’ll know your health and safety concerns will be well attended to while you simply enjoy travelling!

If you or someone you know might benefit from respite care anywhere in the Vancouver, B.C. area, consider contacting Karp Home Care today. We’d love to help in any way you need!

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