Respite Care for Dementia Patients

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Dementia is marked by cognitive decline in older adults. People with dementia can experience forgetfulness and changes in their behaviour and personality. For these reasons, people with dementia are more likely to fall or suffer from other physical ailments. These … Read More

How to help your Housekeeper be Successful

House Keeping

If you’ve recently hired a housekeeper or already have one helping out around your home, here are some tips to help make them more successful. Create a list Creating a list for your housekeeper is a great way to make … Read More



Do you enjoy swimming? Going to the pool can be a great way to exercise or socialize. The pool can also be a great place to do rehabilitation. Aquatic rehab is a great way to get someone walking better after … Read More

Why Foot Care is Important


Foot care is one of those things we tend to overlook in our daily routines, especially when we are busy, sick, or limited physically. Why is Foot Care Important? Feet may not seem that significant, but they can strongly influence … Read More

The Sandwich Generation

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Baby Boomers were the first true “sandwich generation,” and thus the first to suffer through the many and varied difficulties of caring for both young children and elderly parents. Today, more than ever before, young couples are trying to manage raising … Read More

Decluttering your Parent’s Home


A cluttered house is an issue that can quickly overwhelm parents, caregivers, and seniors. If left unchecked, a cluttered home can become a hazardous home. Having excess clutter around the home significantly increases a senior’s risk of injury. The accumulation … Read More

In-home Care & Residential Homes

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In 2016, the World Health Organization reported that life expectancy continued to steadily increase, with the average age for both men and women in the Americas rising to 76. Statistics Canada reports the median age of the population in 2009 … Read More

Staying Hydrated


  As we age, we tend to lose more water than when we were younger because our body’s ability to conserve water diminishes. Making matters worse, seniors’ thirst signals do not function as well as they once did, and therefore … Read More

Live-in Caregivers

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Are you looking for a kind and compassionate caregiver to provide care for your family member? A live-in caregiver lives and works in your home to provide cooking, cleaning, childcare, personal care, and palliative care. There are three types of … Read More