Live-in Caregivers

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Are you looking for a kind and compassionate caregiver to provide care for your family member? A live-in caregiver lives and works in your home to provide cooking, cleaning, childcare, personal care, and palliative care.

There are three types of live-in caregiver services:

Live-in Caregiver Service

The typical caregiver service includes an average of 40 hours/week, which is covered over a period of 5-6 days and can include split shifts.

Continuous support

Sometimes, family support is not available. In this case, a caregiver may provide services five days a week, and additional support will be provided for shorter shifts over the weekend which can be paid hourly. This is a more flexible option for when you need support every day of the week.

Palliative care

Live-in caregivers can provide round-the-clock care for relief from the symptoms, pain, physical stress, and mental stress of a serious illness. This is the highest level of care and usually requires 2-3 caregivers for 24-hour coverage.

An in-home assessment is a free service and the best place to start when organizing live-in care.  Our experienced team is ready to help you find a live-in caregiver that suits your needs.