Karp Foot Care: Happy Feet For Vancouver Seniors

foot_care1You take actions everyday to help you enjoy your golden years. Eating well, exercising, and spending time with family and friends come immediately to mind.

But if your feet are stiff, sore, cramped, cracked, or poorly maintained, you could struggle to enjoy the simple things in life. All too often, seniors or other physically limited people are unable to address these pressing foot health issues themselves and have trouble finding help.

Too often, having someone untrained, such as a family member, provide this support can be inconsistent or can even lead to complications and infections.

Fortunately, Karp Home Care offers complete foot care services throughout Vancouver and B.C.’s Lower Mainland!

Karp Foot Care = Happy Feet

The Karp team of certified foot care nurses specialize in providing therapeutic foot massages in your home, where they also apply medical-grade foot care moisturizers to effectively release built-up tension from your feet. We also offer toe nail trimming and maintenance, ingrown nail prevention, anti-fungal treatments, corn and callus reduction, and even diabetic foot care.

In fact, many don’t realize that because all this is considered a medical procedure, a nurse is actually required to perform foot care. On top of that, all our foot care nurses have taken additional foot care courses. The really are the best around at what they do!

Regular treatments are often required to manage tension levels, which is why Karp Home Care can arrange recurring daily, weekly, or monthly visits. So you will always know exactly when to expect your next treatment.

These appointments are available seven days a week!

At Karp Home Care, we know that fabulous senior living is built from the ground up. That is which is why we encourage you to consider starting by treating your feet!

If you or someone you know might benefit from respite care anywhere in the Vancouver, B.C. area, consider contacting Karp Home Care today. We’d love to help in any way you need!

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