Decluttering your Parents’ Home


A cluttered house is an issue that can quickly overwhelm parents, caregivers, and seniors. If left unchecked, a cluttered home can become a hazardous home. Having excess clutter around the home significantly increases a senior’s risk of injury. The accumulation … Read More

In-home Care & Residential Homes

Care aid

In 2016, the World Health Organization reported that life expectancy continued to steadily increase, with the average age for both men and women in the Americas rising to 76. Statistics Canada reports the median age of the population in 2009 … Read More

Staying Hydrated


  As we age, we tend to lose more water than when we were younger because our body’s ability to conserve water diminishes. Making matters worse, seniors’ thirst signals do not function as well as they once did, and therefore … Read More

Live-in Caregivers

Alzheimer's Care Karp Home Care Vancouver

Are you looking for a kind and compassionate caregiver to provide care for your family member? A live-in caregiver lives and works in your home to provide cooking, cleaning, childcare, personal care, and palliative care. There are three types of … Read More

OT Safety for Older Adults

OT Older Adult

Caring for aging parents is complicated, especially if aging parents deny their emerging limitations. It is important to understand that falls are the leading cause of injury for seniors. Some of the most common hazards for falls are objects on … Read More

Home Care Services

Karp Home Care Services

Home Care Services When you picture in-home care services, you might imagine a senior or injured individual receiving greatly needed assistance. This is a legitimate and common reason to enlist home care services, but it’s not the only reason. Home care … Read More

Foot care

Foot care

Foot care is something many of us take for granted, until a simple task such as cutting your toe nails becomes unmanageable. Warding off fungal and bacterial infections, dry skin, calluses and corns, and addressing hammer toes, heel spurs, and … Read More

Care aids can Help

Care aid

If you’ve been in an accident, have recently had surgery, or suffer from chronic pain, seeking temporary home care to help with daily living may be a necessary option. Having home care can help you get back to living independently … Read More

Having the “talk” with Aging Parents

Having the "talk"

Just thinking about providing care for aging parents can be difficult. What’s more difficult is sitting down and actually having that talk. Most of us put off important decisions until much too late. But discussing estate planning, financial matters, and … Read More