Respite Care Offers Real Relief

Respite CareThe responsibility to care for an ill or aging person often falls to their spouse, child, or close relative.

We call this family care and it’s a great way to maintain daily comfort, while also controlling costs – as most family members charge nothing for these services.

But family care can also pose problems.

First, what often begins as minimal care, such as cooking for elderly parents, generally increases steadily over time, leading to fatigue, stress, and sometimes bitterness toward the ailing person.

Second, although a loved one is often trusted over a stranger, many are insufficiently trained to perform typical services required by an ailing person.

Of course, even after realizing they need extra help, many still cannot afford full-time in-home care for their loved one.

That’s where respite care comes in.

By definition, respite means “a short period of rest or relief from something difficult.” In this case, it refers to the family caregiver receiving a respite from the responsibility to care for an ailing loved one.

Respite care sessions can last a few hours, perhaps enough for coffee and a movie with a friend, or for several days, allowing the family caregiver time to travel or visit other family members. Even better, the provider of this respite care will be a certified professional care aid with medical training in various procedures the client will likely require.

Overall, it’s just not very realistic to expect one person to consistently provide 24-hour care to another, even to their most cherished loved ones. After all, as we all know, just taking good care of ourselves can be challenging enough.

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