Foot care

Foot care

Foot care is something many of us take for granted, until a simple task such as cutting your toe nails becomes unmanageable. Warding off fungal and bacterial infections, dry skin, calluses and corns, and addressing hammer toes, heel spurs, and bunions are all important aspects of overall hygiene – especially as we age. What many of us do not realize is that healthy, pain-free feet are vital for good balance, and can prevent falls that result in serious injury.

Years of neglect can lead to compounding problems, and serious infections can arise as we age.

If your parents are beginning to age, consider whether they will be able to take care of their feet. Chances are they will require assistance with trimming their toe nails, filing, and removing dry skin and calluses at some point. Even simple things such as washing their feet can become arduous, especially if bending and kneeling have become difficult.

In home foot care can be the perfect solution for those who are busy, inexperienced, or do not have interest in managing their parents’ foot hygiene.

A licensed practical nurse, which specializes in foot care, can be the perfect fit to help take care of your parents’ feet.  A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) can be scheduled for periodic in home visits, usually every four to six weeks.

For high risk foot care clients, such as those who have diabetes, nerve damage, circulation problems, or for those who have disabilities, a LPN will be able to adequately address all foot care needs, big or small.

An LPN helps a client by cutting and filing nails, reducing corns and calluses, and treating fungal and bacterial infections. They also provide education to clients, refer clients to other foot care professionals for pain prevention or complications, and can assess proper foot wear and foot aides.

Managing aging parents’ foot care is not for everyone.

It can take time, energy, and be slightly unnerving. It can also require someone who is a trained professional to deal with things such as bunions or years of neglected calluses or corns. In home foot care provided by an LPN is perfect for those who want to increase their parents’ foot hygiene, balance, and prevent infection or injury.