Housekeeping for Seniors

Housekeeping for Seniors Karp Homecare Vancouver

Our daily lives are filled with all kinds of tasks and responsibilities. Pick up the groceries, drop the kids off, go to work, fit in a workout – it goes on. Sometimes, fitting in housekeeping can be a challenge. For … Read More

The Magic of Music

Benefits of Music for Seniors Karp Home Care Vancouver

According to the old saying, music soothes the savage beast. For seniors, music can certainly help soothe the beast of aging. All genres of music can improve and extend one’s quality of life by keeping the body, mind, and spirit … Read More

Outdoor Summer Activities for Seniors

Outdoor Summer Activities for Seniors Karp Home Care Vancouver

Outdoor activities are always enjoyable – especially during nice weather in the summer time. Older adults sometimes have a hard time finding outdoor activities to do. However, people of all ages can benefit from getting outside. Besides, it’s fun! Whether … Read More

Natural Remedies for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease Natural Remedies Karp Home Care Vancouver

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) are two health problems that affect seniors. Dementia results in interference of daily life by causing loss of memory, deterioration of reasoning ability, personality and behavior changes and loss of ability for simple tasks such … Read More

Balancing Energy and Fatigue for Seniors

Senior Energy and Fatigue Karp Home Care Vancouver

Aging is an inevitable process. Nevertheless, aging comes with its own transitions and challenges. As we age, we experience many changes. For instance, decrease in bone density and an increase in the risk of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, arthritis, … Read More

Karp’s Live-in Caregivers

Live in Caregivers Karp Home Care Vancouver

Are you looking for a kind and compassionate caregiver to provide care for your family member? Karp Home Care can help! A live-in caregiver lives and works in your home to provide cooking, cleaning, child care, personal care, palliative care, … Read More

Core Strengthening for Seniors

Core Strengthening Exercise for Seniors Karp Home Care Vancouver

Core Exercises For Older Adults Abdominal and core exercises can have numerous benefits for older adults, including increasing balance and flexibility, and even reducing lower back pain. The core muscles work to stabilize the spinal column as we participate in … Read More

Understanding Hypertension

Hypetension and Seniors Karp Home Care Vancouver

An Overview of High Blood Pressure Blood pressure is defined as the amount of pressure exerted by blood on blood vessel walls as it passes through the vessel. Systolic blood pressure (SBP) is the highest pressure on the walls right … Read More