Care aids can Help

Care aid

If you’ve been in an accident, have recently had surgery, or suffer from chronic pain, seeking temporary home care to help with daily living may be a necessary option. Having home care can help you get back to living independently in your own home sooner. Home care can also help with daily living tasks if you suffer from chronic pain.

Loss of independence due to an accident is dreadful, and can strike at the worst of times. Suffering from chronic pain or being set back by surgery is equally as difficult. Most of us don’t consider how difficult simple tasks can be after misfortune strikes.

We take our independence for granted until it’s taken away.

When tragedy strikes, we often marvel at all of the little things that were part of our normal routine. It may take time to get back to running around at the hectic pace we do. Having a care aid to take care of shopping, cleaning, and laundry is helpful. For example, have you ever considered what it would be like to have to carry groceries or laundry around after a broken hip? Or how drastically your daily life could change if you couldn’t reach the cupboards above.

But maybe you’ve had extensive surgery and have a harder time bathing, grooming, and dressing.  We only really become painfully aware of how much we take these simple and tedious tasks after an accident or surgery.

Having an Occupational Therapist (OT) complete a home care assessment can help you recover sooner.

Providing a cane, walker, crutches, a chairlift, tub-transfer-bench, or even implementing a guard rail by steps can drastically reduce the risk of injury, and provide a higher quality of life. An OT can also determine how to simplify tasks that you may not be able to do yourself due to chronic pain.

An OT will also assess things you probably never would have thought of. Infrequent tasks like “spring cleaning,” clearing out the garage, or cleaning the gutters may not be feasible with the development of chronic pain, after surgery or an accident.

While there is a cost to having care aids, most people do not think about a care aid as an investment. By easing daily responsibilities and taking the risk of injury out of the equation, you can focus on recovering sooner. Recovering sooner means you can get back to work and leisure activities you enjoy.

Unfortunate accidents and surgery are a part life. Consider home care to aid with daily activities which can drastically reduce the time it takes for you to recover and improve your quality of life.