Having the “talk” with Aging Parents

Having the "talk"

Just thinking about providing care for aging parents can be difficult. What’s more difficult is sitting down and actually having that talk. Most of us put off important decisions until much too late. But discussing estate planning, financial matters, and … Read More

Aquatic Exercise for Seniors

Aquatic Exercise for Seniors Karp Home Care Vancouver

Water exercises are often overlooked. In reality water aerobics have all of the benefits of land-based exercises as well as added benefits from water buoyancy – making them the perfect exercises for seniors! Improving overall health, balance, strength and brain … Read More

Housekeeping for Seniors

Housekeeping for Seniors Karp Homecare Vancouver

Our daily lives are filled with all kinds of tasks and responsibilities. Pick up the groceries, drop the kids off, go to work, fit in a workout – it goes on. Sometimes, fitting in housekeeping can be a challenge. For … Read More